RV Tips

Tips to make your RV adventures easier and more enjoyable.

RV Aluminum Rim and Tire

Setting the Correct RV Tire Pressure – How to do it

Most RV tires should be filled between 40 and 80 PSI.  The exact pressure depends on the load range of
your tires and how much weight the RV is carrying.  There are 3 methods to determine the correct
tire pressure:

  1. Use the Max pressure found on the tire’s
  2. Use the values on your RV’s tire information
  3. Calculate the pressure using your RV’s axle
    weight and tire load charts.

Equalizer Weight Distributing Hitch

Weight Distributing Hitch Why You Need One For Towing

When you connect the trailer to the tow hitch does the rear of the vehicle (which for simplicity we are going to consider to be a truck) and the front of the trailer both sag downward? If so, you are seriously compromising the truck’s handling capability, which accelerates wear and tear on the tires and suspension, and – more importantly – isn’t safe Weight Distributing Hitches correct this problem.

RV Toilet

RV Toilets – The Dirty Truth – Everything You Do and Don’t Want To Know

There are so many potty jokes I could make here…but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum. Getting out into nature can pose certain challenges, particularly when “nature calls.” Luckily, no matter what type of camping you’re doing, there is a toilet to fit your needs. Maybe you have one already on your rig …

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