February 2017

spice jar clip strip

Best RV Spice Rack

When it comes to RVs optimizing storage is always a priority. This is especially true in the kitchen. You use spices all the time when cooking.  Sometimes in the kitchen and other times outside at the grill or campfire. These RV spice racks will help keep your spices neat and accessible. Many of these spice …

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BBQ Rub Recipe

This is my go-to spice rub it works great on everything. I use it on smoked chicken wings, ribs pulled pork, pork tenderloin and beef. Mix and store in an old spice container so you always have some ready to go.

packet potatoes

Packet Potatoes

Packet Potatoes are a tasty and simple side dish that can be prepared in no time. These packet potatoes are a great with a wood fired steak.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled pork sandwiches are one of my favorites when we head to the campground after working a full day. On those days you need a quick easy meal. For this meal there are 2 options one is super easy, the second requires more work at home, but is worth the extra effort.

campfire mac-n-cheese

Campfire Mac-n-Cheese

This recipe is one I make on almost every camping trip. All the prep work is done at home. Then individual servings are cooked on the campfire grill in foil pans. Grilled hotdogs go great with this recipe.

Walking Tacos

Walking tacos are great because you can prep everything at home. At camp all you need to do heat the meat of your choice and serve. If your RV is equipped with a microwave reheating your taco meat can be done in a minute or two.