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With thousands of RV products out there how do decide which ones you should use and which ones to pass on?


Find out what someone else is using.


I have found that many of the best purchases I have made in life have come after someone else recommended a product to me.  With that intent I am sharing some of the items I keep in my camper and use on almost every trip we take.  This page won’t include all the gear I use, it’s more of a highlight list of the must have items that I wouldn’t want to be without.

The page is divided into several categories, so use the table of contents below to help you find what you are looking for.  Or feel free scroll through them all.

For each product you will find the following:

  • A mini review
  • Link to full review or YouTube video if I have one
  • Link to where you can find other review and purchase

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Towing Gear

Currently I am towing a 5th wheel, but my last camper was traditional bumper pull.  So, I will give you my favorite gear for each.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TST 507 Series with Color Display

TST-507 TPMS with Color Monitor Mounted to Windshield
TST-507 TPMS with Color Monitor Mounted to Windshield

I have been using the TST 507 Tire Pressure Monitoring system with Flow Thru Sensors.  The system was easy to setup and has been very reliable.  The monitor is rechargeable and lasts several days on a single charge.

Click here to see my installation video of the TST System

Click here to check out the TST system on Amazon

5th Wheel Hitch

Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

Andersen hitch connected on uneven ground
Andersen hitch connected on uneven ground

I absolutely love the Andersen hitch.  The light weight and quick installation make it great for weekend adventurers like me.  I can easily take the hitch out of my truck and store it in the camper, so it stays out of the way and ready to use.  It creates a very tight connection between the truck and RV providing a smooth ride.

Click here for my full Review

Click here for my YouTube review and demo

Check out the Andersen Ultimate connection on Amazon

Bumper Pull Hitch

Equalizer Hitch

Equalizer Weight Distributing Hitch
Equalizer Weight Distributing Hitch

The Equalizer hitch is a weight-distributing / anti-sway system.  There was a night and day difference when towing my Shamrock Hybrid using this hitch.  I towed the Shamrock for over a year with a 4-door Jeep Wrangler and without the hitch the Jeep would bounce like crazy and the trailer swayed easily.  When towing with the hitch it was much smoother.  The difference was less noticeable when I traded the jeep in for a ½ ton truck, but it still reduced sway and helped with the ride.  Compared to some other weight-distributing hitches the equalize does not prevent you from backing or turning while backing.

Check out the Equalizer on Amazon (be sure too find the correct weight rating for your RV)


Water, Sewer and Electric Hookups

Utility hookups are something you will use on every trip (unless you’re boondocking).  So having the right gear ready to go will make life when you get to camp.

Sewer Hose

RhinoFlex Sewer Hose on Support
RhinoFlex Sewer Hose on Support

RhinoFlex by Camco

There are sewer hoses out there for every budget, so which do you get?  I have the RhinoFlex.  The basic kit includes a 20-foot hose with a bayonet fitting on one end that connects to your RV and a translucent elbow on the other end.  The kit also includes an adapter for the elbow that gives you a tight connection to most sewer drains and caps for each end.

I also have a 10-foot extension with a male bayonet fitting on one end and a female on the other.  I use this for a couple of reasons.  Sometimes the 20-foot hose just isn’t long enough to reach and put my camper in the perfect location on the site.  I also have 2 dump valves on my Cougar, 1 in the front and 1 in the back.  Having the extension means I don’t have to move my RV when I’m at the dump station.

The RhinoFlex hose is thicker and stronger than the cheap hoses so it won’t break or tear easily.  The fittings on the ends of the hose swivel making them easy to line up and connect.  I also like that the hose compresses like an accordion and stays that way until you stretch it back out.  This keeps the hose nice and neat when the connection is close to the RV’s dump port.  Lastly, the caps are great for storage so no left over “stuff” leaks out.

There are stronger more expensive hoses, but for my money the RhinoFlex is the right balance of price and quality.

Check out the RhinoFlex Kit on Amazon

Check out the RhinoFlex Extension on Amazon

Sewer Hose Support

This is really a commodity type item. I have had several and they all break eventually from throwing them around and dragging them on the ground.  The important thing is that you have one otherwise you will be doing the “slinky dance” to get it to drain.

Here is the Camo support on Amazon

Water Connections

Click Here to check out my article post on RV Water systems and connections for a better explanation

Below is a list of equipment I use for full hookup campsites.

You need several parts for the perfect water connection (in order from spigot to RV):


Leveling and Stabilizing

Rubber Wheel Chocks

The first step in leveling and stabilizing is making sure your camper won’t roll away.  For this is use a set of cheap rubber wheel chocks.  They are practically indestructible and won’t crack like plastic models.  The same chocks are available under several different brands (probably all made by the same plant in China).

Click here to see the Rubber Chocks on Amazon


Lynx Leveling Blocks

If your RV doesn’t have a power leveling system you will need something to put under the tires to level out from side to side.  Plastic leveling blocks are much easier to use and store than large pieces of treated lumber.  I got a set of 10 Lynx levelers over 5 years ago and not one of them has cracked or broke.  My current 5th wheel has power leveling jacks, but I still use blocks under the jacks to shorten their extension making the camper more stable.

Check other review of the Lynx Levelers on Amazon



Rome Pie Irons

rome pie irons
rome pie irons

A camping trip wouldn’t be complete without mountain pies.  We make some kind of pie on almost every trip, check out some of my favorite recipes here.  I have tried several different types of pie irons, but the Rome 1705 square cast iron ones are my favorite.  The cook more evenly than aluminum models and the square shape holds more filling than the round models.  To store them without making a mess I use the Rome storage bag.

Check out the Rome Pie iron on Amazon

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill

Cuisinart Petite Gourmet grill quesadilla
Cuisinart Petite Gourmet grill quesadilla

Like may of my other suggestions, this isn’t the most expensive grill, but it gets the job done.  We like to do most of your cooking over the campfire, but mother nature doesn’t always allow it.  This little grill cooks great and doesn’t use a ton of gas.  The legs are adjustable so you can set it on a table, or extend them to make it free standing.  Cuisinart make a carry bag that doubles as a cover for when I leave the grill out on longer trips.

See the Cuisinart CGG-180 Grill on Amazon

Campfire Grill

Cooking on the Perfect Campfire Grill

When we cook over the fire it’s on the Perfect Campfire Grill.  This grill has a large cooking surface, is easy to adjust and built well.  I have the original 20” x 25” grill, but if you don’t cook for as many people there is a smaller version.

See my full review of the Original Perfect Campfire Grill

Check out the Perfect Campfire Grill on Amazon

Fun and Games

Playing Cards

You never know when the weather will turn bad and you’ll be stuck inside.  A deck of cards and pad of paper and pen to keep score are a great way to pass the time.


This is a great game for kids and adults.  It also folds up into a bag that is easy to store.

Check out Slamo on Amazon


Eureka Curvy Chair with Side Table

Eureka Curvy Chair
Eureka Curvy Chair

We have 4 Eureka Curvy chairs.  It’s a great heavy-duty camping chair.  We started with 2, but the kids would always try and steal them, so we got 2 more.  They are sturdy, comfortable and the side tables are great for holding your food or drink around the campfire.

Check out the Eureka Chair on Amazon


If you are thinking about winterizing your RV yourself, but aren’t sure if you can do it, I have everything you need on my Winterizing Resource Page.

Click Here to open the Winterizing Resource Page

Notes on Resource Page

As I change or get new gear I will update this page with my favorite products.  Check back every once in a while, to see what’s new.

Thanks for reading and Happy Camping,