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Best Camping Chair for a Heavy Person (5 Heavy-Duty Options)

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Best Camping Chair for a Heavy Person (5 Heavy-Duty Options)

Have you ever been sitting around the camp fire, but instead of enjoying yourself you were just hoping the chair you were in wouldn’t collapse?  There seems to be 3 distinct categories of camping chairs.

  • Cheap
  • Standard
  • Heavy Duty

Cheap Camping Chairs

RV dealers give these out for free just for coming in, or you can find racks of them at your local Walmart or sporting goods store with their logo on it.  These are called “Quad Chairs”, they have thin tube frames, canvas sling seats and arms and plastic joints with aluminum rivets.  Unless you are under 10 years old, don’t even look at these chairs.  You are lucky if they have a 200 lb weight capacity and if the ground is a little uneven of if you shift the wrong way they will fold up like a piece of paper.

Standard Duty Camping Chairs

I would put most chairs that cost over $40 in this category.  There is a large variation in style, size and weight capacity in this category.  These include quad chairs, director’s chairs and more traditional folding chairs.  This category ranges from around 200-300 lb weight capacities.  Depending on your size and how often you plan to use the chair, you may find the perfect chair for you.

Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

I’ll put all the chairs I recommend in this category.  Like the standard duty chairs there are many different styles and features.  I consider chairs rated at 300lbs or higher to be heavy duty.  These chairs should last you for several years even with heavy usage.  They also seem to be more stable even on ground that is uneven.


Heavy Duty Camping Chair Comparison (ordered by weight capacity)

Model ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair Picnic Time Big Bear XXL Camp Chair Earth Executive VIP Tall Directors Chair Kingcamp Hard Arm Director Camping Chair With Side Table Eureka Curvy Chair with Side Table
Weight Capacity 800 lbs 500 lbs 375 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs
Style Quad Hybrid Director Director Hybrid
Table No No Yes Yes Yes
Cupholder Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Arm Style Sling Rigid Rigid Rigid Rigid
Where to Buy Check price on Amazon Check price on Amazon Check price on Amazon Check price on Amazon Check price on Amazon


Top Camping Chairs for Large People

Here are my top picks, the key features, what I like about them and what I don’t.

Best over 300 lbs: Picnic Time Big Bear XXL Camp Chair

The Big Bear XXL Camp Chair has the second highest capacity in the group at 500 lbs.  This chair is very similar to the highest capacity King Kong chair with a couple of notable exceptions.  The arm rests are rigid on this chair and the cupholder is mounted lower on the side.


  • Padded Rigid Arms
  • Cupholder
  • Detachable Cooler Bag
  • Rear Zipper Pocket
  • Movable Feet
  • Carry Bag

What I like

This is an incredibly sturdy chair with rigid arms that are great for relaxing and helping get in and out of the chair.  The high seat back is nice for taller people.  The detachable cooler is a nice addition to keep you beverages cool.  The moveable feet help keep it planted on rough terrain.

What I don’t like

I wish this chair had a side table.  The addition of a table would have made this the perfect camping chair.

Check out Reviews of the Big Bear XXL Camp Chair on Amazon

Best Under 300 lbs: Eureka Curvy Chair with Side Table

I like the Curvy Chair so much that I own 4 of them myself.  I have friends that purchased a pair of them after trying mine out.   Like the Big Bear this is also a hybrid chair design, similar to a quad chair, but with rigid arms that I find more comfortable.  This chair does have one of the lowest weight capacities at 300 lbs.  If you are over 300 lbs, I would pass on this one.


  • Padded Rigid Arms
  • Side Table with Cupholder
  • Side Pocket with multiple compartments
  • Carry Bag

What I like

The side table give you the perfect location for setting a plate of food or other items while relaxing by the fire.  The cupholder is located on the table keeping it out of the way.  The side pocket is divided into a large section and a few smaller pockets.  The rigid arms are perfect for helping to stand up or sit down.  I also like the slightly reclined seating position.

What I don’t like

The seat and arm material is made of a mesh gets dirty more easily than I would like.

Check out Reviews of the Eureka Curvy Chair on Amazon

Max Weight Capacity: Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair

The King Kong Chair by Alps Mountaineering comes in with a weight capacity of 800 lbs.  This is the highest capacity of all my favorites.  It is a quad style chair with a powder coated steel frame.


  • 3 Color options: Red, Khaki, Blue
  • Adjustable armrests with cupholders
  • 2 Side Pockets
  • Carry Bag

What I like

The large side pockets are nice for holding a book or tablet and the 2 cupholders could come in handy.

What I don’t like

I’m not a fan of the sling style arms.  While they are adjustable I find that they will eventually slide down lower than I want.  Having the cupholders in the arms makes them less stable, so you might end up spilling your drink when repositioning in the chair.

Check out the King Kong Chairs Reviews on Amazon

Best Tall Chair: Earth Executive VIP Tall Directors Chair

This is a director’s style chair with a more upright seating position and a higher seat height.  Rated at 375 lbs this chair should hold most people with ease.  The seat height is 31 inches above the ground compared to 18-20 inches for most standard camping chairs.


  • High Seat Height
  • Padded Rigid Arms
  • Side Table with Cupholder
  • Side Pocket
  • Lower Storage basket
  • Foot Rest
  • Carry Bag

What I like

This chair has a lot going for it.  The higher seat and rigid arms make it easier to get in and out of.  Like the Curvy Chair it also has a side table with built in cupholder for dining around the camp fire.  It also has a foot rest and a large storage basket at the bottom.

What I don’t like

As a personal preference I don’t like the straight up seating position of a director’s chair.  This is also one of the heaviest chairs at around 14 lbs.

Check out Reviews of the Earth Executive VIP Tall Directors Chair on Amazon

Honorable Mention: KingCamp Hard Arm Director Camping Chair with Side Table

While this chair didn’t make any of the “Best” picks it is still a great option.  Like the tall chair above this is a director style chair that folds flat.  With a weight capacity of 300 lbs it’s a solid chair.


  • Padded Rigid Arms
  • Side Table with Cupholder
  • Carry Handle when folded

What I like

This chair features rigid arms and a nice table with a cupholder.

What I don’t like

This chair doesn’t have any additional storage compartments.  While it does have a built-in handle it doesn’t have a storage bag so it is more likely to get damaged when being stored or transported.

Check reviews of the KingCamp Chair on Amazon

Camping Chair Buyers Guide

There are several features to consider when selecting the perfect camping chair.  Here is a quick overview of how each of them can affect you.

Weight Capacity

When selecting a chair for a larger person, the weight rating should be one of the first things you look at.  While most chairs have a safety factor figured into the rating, I suggest not pressing you luck with an underrated model.

Chair Style

Most camping chairs fall into one of 3 styles, Quad, Director and Hybrid.

  • Quad Chairs – The 4 legs of a quad chair come together towards each other making them easy to fold up and usually compact. The arms are fabric, slung from the tube that supports the back to the tube in the front that supports the legs.  The back and seat are made from a single piece of material and are usually slightly reclined.
  • Director’s Chairs – These chairs fold in half making them wide and flat. The arms are rigid and usually padded making them sturdier, but possibly less comfortable when resting your arm on it for a long time.  The back and seat are separate pieces of fabric and are in a more upright position.
  • Hybrid Chairs – These are a combination of both designs. Usually having a seat and back like a quad chair, but more reclined and arms like a director’s chair.  They fold up like a quad chair for storage and transportation.

Side Tables

Chairs like the Eureka Curvy Chair have tables that snap on or fold out giving you a convenient place to set things while you are cooking and eating around the camp fire.

Storage compartments

Like side tables having storage compartments on your chair give you a place to set things down while relaxing.  Some chairs like the Big Bear have additional compartments in the back.  These are great for storage, but you can’t access them while seated.

Cup Holders

A large sturdy cupholder is a must in a camping chair.  A cup holder that is placed lower on the chair will keep your beverage accessible and will make it less likely to get knocked over.

Carry Bags

Taking care of your camping chair a great way to make sure it lasts for a long time.  Having a bag to store and transport the chair in will help to prevent accidental rips and tears to the fabric.


Still undecided?  The Big Bear XXL Chair is a great all-around chair and it’s one of the best values.  Even if you aren’t a big guy or gal you would be sure to enjoy it for years to come.  Camping is about connecting with friends, family and nature so don’t let a cheap uncomfortable chair stop you from enjoying yourself.

If you are just getting started camping check out this list of some of my best camping tips for beginners.

Thanks for reading and Happy Camping,


Camping chair for heavy person
Camping chair for heavy person

12 thoughts on “Best Camping Chair for a Heavy Person (5 Heavy-Duty Options)”

  1. Ever since gander mountain got shut down and the gander mountain folding reclining chair with platform feet on it to prevent it from sinking into the mud, broke, well I was working at a hotel and it kept getting moved around by housekeeping, wouldn’t have been much better had the pin kept falling out in the woods or in a field and I would have lost it point is they shut down gander mountain and now I can’t find a suitable replacement, it was perfect! Must have sat in it for 400 hours at 300 lbs and the only thing that went wrong was the pin that held the back in place kept falling out because a screw came unscrewed other than that it was the perfect chair highly recommend it if you can find it for anyone around 300 lbs.

    1. John, thanks for the info. Some of the Gander Mountain stores are open, have you checked their website?

  2. im shocked not a single chair cited is ergonomic in any way. not even lumbar/back support. what gives?

    1. Mike,
      I understand your frustration. In my research for the article I found ergonomics such as lumbar support aren’t considered in most camping chairs. If you know of an ergonomic chair please let me know and I would be happy to check it out and possibly add it to the article for others to find.
      Thanks for reading,

  3. I bought the above steps and the door don’t go over the sill plate , can the door be cut off

    1. De, Unfortunately I don’t have the answer for you. You should probably contact the manufacturer’s customer service. Sorry I can be of more help on this one.

  4. Need a sturdy 350 lb captains chair. Must be 24 inches actual seat size and 20 inches high. Folds up nice And is light weight arms padded and full canvas back and seat. Any suggestions

    1. John,
      That is a pretty specific set of requirements. I can’t say I have the solution for you, but I will keep my eyes open.
      If you find one that works out please let me know and I will add it to the article to help other out too.

  5. Looking for one that has a sun canopy, not too close to the ground and is not to heavy to carry around. Would like a 280 or more capacity. Want to use it on th beach and for ourdoor concert and sports events. Ideas?

  6. I like the directors chair for people over 300 lbs but don’t see any with canopy on them to protect from sun do you have any. Hope they Thanks

    1. Roddy,
      I don’t know of one, but if I find an option with a canopy I will update the review.

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