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RV Keyless Entry – Choosing and installing the right system

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RV Keyless Entry – Choosing and installing the right system

Wireless and keyless technology is everywhere.  Cars have had it since the 1980, you can unlock your house with a smart phone, so why do you still use a key on your RV?

There are several keyless / wireless door locks available for your RV and in most cases, they can be installed in under 30 minutes, although mine took quite a bit longer.  I’ll get to that after we see what these systems are all about.

I choose to install the RVLock Compact on my 5th Wheel.  I love it, and it might be the perfect choice for you too.

rvlock compact and mechanical latch unboxed
rvlock compact and mechanical latch unboxed

Why install a keyless RV Lock?

There really isn’t a good reason not to. Unless you don’t want to add a little more convenience to your life.

Top 3 Reasons I installed a keyless entry system on my RV

  1. I don’t need keys to lock my camper when I leave to go hiking or swimming.
  2. My kids can lock or unlock the RV and I don’t have to worry about them losing the keys.
  3. I can get in the RV anytime, no more running around to get the keys first.

Not having to take keys with me all the time was my main reason for wanting a keyless door latch on my RV.  I was always worried when I would go swimming, boating, or hiking that the key would fall out and then I wouldn’t be able to get back in.

It’s not like you just have one key for your RV either.  Mine came with 5 keys!  So, I was always taking a bulky key ring around everywhere I went.

Do you have kids?  Do they always want to do the same thing as you?  Mine don’t, so now I don’t have to worry about them losing the key and locking everyone out.  The whole family can come and go whenever they want because we all know the code to unlock the door.

The last reason on the list above kind of surprised me, but now it’s one of my favorites.  If I am home with my camper parked I can get in any time.  So, when I need to get something out, or put something in, I can just do it.  No more running in the house to get the keys.

What Options and Features do keyless RV locks have?

Now that we talked about why you might want a keyless lock, let’s look at the features and options.  Like the name says, keyless RV systems don’t need a key to be locked or unlocked.  This doesn’t mean that they don’t have a key though.

Keypad Lock / Unlock Function

All the systems have a keypad that allows you to lock or unlock the deadbolt by entering a code.  The code will not lock the handle, that still requires using the key.  In addition to using the keypad there is still a lever on the inside to lock or unlock the deadbolt, and the key can be used on the outside.

Wireless Key Fob

Some systems also include a key fob that can operate the lock.  The fob works just like your car allowing you to lock and unlock the latch from a press of the button.

Keyed-Alike Mechanical Latches

If you are looking to reduce the number of keys on your ring, this is a must have option.  This allows you to order latches for additional doors and baggage compartments that use the same key.

ring of rv keys
ring of rv keys

What RV Keyless Entry Systems are available?

  • RVLock
  • Bauer (AP Products)

These are the 2 major manufacturers.  Both companies have a variety of latches available in left and right-hand configurations.  They both make models for travel trailers and motorhomes.  No matter which brand you choose it will use batteries to power the electronics.  Lastly both allow you to use a key if the battery is dead or you forget the code.

Bauer is a brand from AP products, a company that produces many other parts used in RVs.  RVLock (as far as I can tell) is an independent company specializing in locks and latches for RVs.

Keyless RV Latch Lineup

There are quite a few models and options available, so I’ll try to break them down for you here.  All the latches are available on either Amazon or ebay and I have provided links in the tables below to check them out.

FYI: The hand of the door is based on side the hinge is on, hinge on the right = Right Hand.

Travel Trailer and 5th Wheel Models



RV Lock Compact RVLock V3 Bauer Electric
Keypad Yes Yes No Yes
Wireless Fob Yes Yes Yes No
Can be keyed to match other locks Y

(any RVLock except V3)


(any RVLock except V3)


(other V3 locks only)

RH Model See on Amazon See on ebay See on ebay 13-509

See on Amazon

LH Model See on ebay See on ebay LH not currently available 13-530

See on ebay

Motor Home Models



Bauer Electric
Keypad Yes Yes
Wireless Fob Yes No
Can be keyed to match other locks Y

(any RVLock except V3)

RH Model See on Amazon 13-531

See on ebay

RVLock Advantages

There were several features of the RVLock products I liked compared to Bauer.

  • Wireless key fob
  • Mechanical latches that can be keyed to match for other doors
  • Keyless baggage compartment latches

I really like that RVLock can key just about every lock on your RV the same.  They even offer a cam latch to replace that CH751 key.  Did you know that your 751 key will work in over half of the campers out there?

Why did I choose to install the RVLock Compact?

I needed a right-handed travel trailer / 5th wheel door latch.  After deciding on RVLock, I still had 2 options, the RVLock V4 latch and the Compact latch .  Both latches use the same interior parts and have the same features.  The difference is the exterior width of the compact latch is smaller.  The compact latch was designed to fit on doors with large windows that are close to the latch.

The reason I choose the compact latch over the V4 was simple, the price was lower.  At the time I bought mine it was about $40 less than the V4.  I later realized that the V4 may have made installation easier for me (more about that in the installation section below).

My Cougar 5th wheel has 2 entry doors, the main door and a second for the rear bathroom.  They were both keyed differently, so I also decided to purchase a mechanical door latch (no keypad or fob) that was keyed to match the wireless latch I would be installing on the main door.

RVLock Compact Keyless Door Latch Installation

The video below shows my entire installation including the problems I ran into.

The RVLock website claims that the latch is a 10-minute install, so I figured since I would be installing 2 latches and documenting the process it should be less than an hour.

Step 1: Remove existing latches

First, remove the 4 screws on the interior portion of the door latch.  This allows the interior handle to be taken off.

lock install remove latch step 1
lock install remove latch step 1

Next, Remove the 2 screws that hold the strike plate on the latch.  Now the strike plate and exterior part of the latch can be removed.

lock install remove latch step 1 strike
lock install remove latch step 1 strike

Step 2: Install the new latch

Now, take the exterior portion of the new wireless latch and insert it into the cutout in the door.

rvlock compact latch too small
rvlock compact latch too small

OH NO! The RVLock doesn’t Cover the hole in my door!

What to do when it doesn’t fit

Up to this point the installation was going great.  You can see in the picture that the new latch doesn’t completely cover the height or width of the cutout.  My initial thought was that I should have ordered the Larger V4 latch.  I decided to re-install the factory latch until I got the problem sorted out.

I called RVLock to find out if the V4 latch would fix my problem.  First let me say that RVLock’s customer service was great.  I explained the problem and they asked me to send them a few pictures and dimensions of the old latch, and door cutout.  A day after I sent the requested dimensions and pictures they got back to me and said that my cutout was too big and I had 2 options.


  1. Return the latches for a refund
  2. Find somewhere to get a thin metal shim cut that would cover the gap

There is a vinyl decal that will cover small hairline gaps, but my gaps were way to big for the decal to work.

I really wanted to install the latches and I work at a machine shop, so I decided to make the shims to fill the gap.  I was going to need 3 shims.

  • Exterior of compact keyless latch
  • Exterior of mechanical latch
  • Interior of mechanical latch

Due to the battery compartment, the interior of the keyless latch was larger enough to cover the hole.

It turns out that my cougar has the “Leonardo Travel Trailer Entry Lock” from Fastec Industrial (FIC).  These are great latches and are easy to use because of their large size, but the cutout is much larger than most standard RV Latches.  Even if I had purchased the larger V4 latch it still wouldn’t have covered the extra height of the FIC latch.

After making a few paper templates and some test fitting I had my 3 shims painted and ready to go.  Below is a table of the dimensions of my old latches, door cutouts, shims and the new RVLocks.

If you need a set of Adapter Plates for your RV Click Here to order them!

  Height Width
FIC Leonardo


5.54” 4.68”
FIC Leonardo


5.22” 4.34”
Door Cutout 4.34” 3.38”
RVLock Compact


4.63” 5.25”
RVLock Compact


4.22” 4.62”
RVLock Mechaincal


4.18” 3.60”
RVLock Mechanical


4.18” 3.95”
Compact Shim


5.98” 5.68”
Mechanical Shim


5.25” 5.13”
Mechaincal Shim


5.98” 4.88”
Shim Cutout

(same for all shims)

3.50” 2.75”

I know that’s a lot of dimensions, but if you have a larger than standard latch it should help you identify if you will have a problem.  Just compare your cutout or latch dimensions to the ones in the table above for the RVLock.  These are the dimensions at the widest point.

If you have the same latches I did and would like a set of shims, please contact me and we can work something out to get them to you.

rvlock compact and mechanical latches with adapter shims
rvlock compact and mechanical latches with adapter shims

Finishing the Installation

By now I had removed the factory latches several times and realized that it was much faster to use a drill instead of a screwdriver, making sure to use a low torque setting so I wouldn’t strip out any of the screws.

The latches have a foam seal to keep water out, but I still needed to seal between my shims and the door.  I decided silicon would be the best option.  Any rubber or foam gasket would have added even more thickness.

Installing the new latches was just like removing the old ones, but in reverse.  The only additional steps were to add the bead of silicone before installing the outside portion of the latch and making the electrical connection on the keyless lock before screwing the interior plate on.

Step 3: programming the wireless latch

The keypads come from the factory with a pre-programmed code.  The manual provides clear instructions for changing the code (or watch my video above).  One thing I discovered is that you don’t have much time once you enter programming mode.  I thought I was doing something wrong, but I just wasn’t going fast enough.

The key fob also needs to be paired to the latch.  Before the fob can be paired a switch on the interior portion of the lock needs to be turned on to enable the remote.  Turning the switch off when the fob won’t be used will hep the battery to last longer.

Review after using the RVLock Compact for a couple of trips

So far I have really enjoyed my keyless lock system.  I found I don’t use the fob much at all.  The last trip we took I left one set of keys in the RV and another in the truck (just in case).  I don’t think I used a key at all during a week-long trip.  The lock worked flawlessly the whole time


Being able to secure my RV without needing keys is great.  You can quickly lock the door by pressing and holding the lock button and getting back in using the code doesn’t take any longer than getting the key out of your pocket and unlocking it the old way.  My kids liked that they can get back in whenever they want.

Adding the mechanical lock was nice because I eliminated 1 key from the set.  I plan to replace the latch on my bike door with another mechanical latch to eliminate that key too.

Lastly, I would like to replace my pass thru baggage doors with RVLock’s new keyless baggage compartment latches.  The baggage latches can also be controlled via the fob, just like the door.  Since they are a little pricy, my plan is to install 1 new lock on each door first.  When I get to the second latch on each baggage door I might use the RVLock Mechanical baggage door latch.  When I’m at camp I’ll only lock the keyless latch so I will have easy access.

I’ll probably replace the 3 cam latches on my camper with ones from RVLock too.  Once that’s done I will be able to open any lock on my RV with the same key (just like the fancy new models that come that way).

So, do you still have questions?  If you do leave a comment below.  If you have one of these keyless systems on your RV already which one do you have and what do you like about it?

Thanks for reading and enjoy you next RV adventure!


55 thoughts on “RV Keyless Entry – Choosing and installing the right system”

  1. Are these locks keyed differently? I know that alot of Rvs use the same key. If I get one I want it keyed totally different from all others.

    1. Anthony,
      RV Lock uses their own key, not the same one all the factory locks use. They have over 1 million different keys, so the chances of yours matching someone else’s is pretty slim. If you order multiple latches you can have them all keyed to match each other though.

  2. How about the gap where new lock doesn’t cover hole totally. I just ordered this lock and company said this is the one I need for my 2018 cougar

    1. Walter, that is the problem I had too. That’s why I made the adapter plates for mine. Let me know if you are interested in a set of adapters.

      1. Jason:
        I have the same problem. Can you send me info on the adapter plates? Better yet do you or anyone sell such a plate?

  3. Hi Jason,
    Wow! You nailed it completely. I have the same identical Keystone door problem issue with the OEM installed Leonardo FIC lock-set. I did the same RV LOCK purchase as you hoping for positive results. Unfortunately it did not fit with identical results as your video shows. After contacting RV LOCK I resorted to returning the electronic lock. That was 6 months ago and I never stopped searching for another option. I never was able to find any electronic lock-set available for a door with the OEM FIC mechanical lock cut out size. Then just now I came across your video. Can you help me with an exterior painted door adapter plate for the RVLOCK compact keyless latch? Same as your set-up. Thanks for your help and support.

    1. Brian, I know exactly how you feel. I wanted an option that would work out of the box, but just couldn’t find one.
      Check you email I sent you a message with some more information.

  4. Hi, you mentioned a decal to cover small gaps. My rig has a painted exterior and they apparently left the latch installed when they sprayed it leaving a I/2” of unpainted surface exposed when swapping out the latch. Where can I purchase the vinyl decal that you mentioned?
    Nice work on the metal shim! Thanks for the info, Todd

        1. Deb,
          I was told by RV Lock that the decal could be used for small gaps, about 1/16″ or less.

          I hope that helps,

  5. Okay complete honesty. I have the fob to my camper but my husband put a code on it, that he will not give me. My fob is not opening it, and don’t know how to use it as I have always had the code. Tried the fob and it makes noise like it’s unlocking it but it won’t open. Killing me as to what he’s hiding in there and since he has changed the code I haven’t been able to get in. Is it possible for him to set it up where only a code can be used and not the fob? Any feed back much appreciated.

    1. Rachel,
      There is a switch on the inside that disables the fob, but if it is disabled you wouldn’t hear any sound or response when pressing the fob buttons. It could be possible the batteries are getting low and there isn’t enough power to move the lock mechanism. My batteries are getting low and sometime my lock engage unless I push on the door to take some pressure of the deadbolt.


  6. Wow! You might just be my last chance! I recently purchased a 2013 Troy Majestic Class C and have had non-stop issues with the door lock and deadbolt. I had purchased the RVLock Wireless door lock but returned it because the door had a much larger hole in the door than the lock allowed. Well, on my first cross country trip, it finally froze and wouldn’t let me open the door. Thank goodness for the front doors! I’ve been searching for a replacement and have come up empty handed. The old lock was made by Bauer. Bottom line, the door cut out is 6.75″ high by 4.5″ wide. Is there any way that your adapters would work? I would gladly buy the RVLock again. I’m almost willing to get a set of your shims and modify them if needed. Can you let me know!

    1. David,
      If you can please send me a picture of your lock, cut out and dimensions to jason@weekendrvadventures.com I would be happy to help you out if I can. My shim design is made for the compact latch, so if you want to use the full size one, I would have to make some changes to it.

      I look forward to you email.

  7. I have a stealth cargo trailer and would love a keyless lock. I understand there is a difference in thickness between a RV and cargo trailer door. Do you think this compact lock would work on my cargo trailer?

    1. Jade, the rvlock is designed for a 1.5 inch thick door, if yours is close to that it should work fine. If your door is much thinner than you might have trouble or need some shims to get the lock to work. Sorry I can’t give you a definite answer. I do know that whe I ran into trouble installing my lock they were willing to take it back if I couldn’t get it to work.
      I hope that helps,

  8. Marilyn Zumstein

    How did you connect the new lock to the metal shim? I would like info on the shim also please.

    1. Marilyn, the shim just gets sandwiched between the door and the lock. If you want any other info just let me know.


  9. Good video, I have run across the same problem and even if I just wanted to replace what is there Fic does not make that larger unit any more. I am capable of making the shim but only have the thin sheet metal in white and I fear I will constantly be refinishing it. Did you find a black finished material or paint it? Also the Bauer NE looks like a bigger foot print, even though it does not require the big cut out, did you look into that one? Thank again, you confirmed what I thought and could not get a manufacture to tell me.

    1. Mike,

      I didn’t look at the Bauer. My adapter is made from stainless steel and painted black. So far the paint has held up great. I figured that being made from stainless, if the paint didn’t hold up I could always brush or polish it and leave it unfinished. If you are interested in getting an adapter from me please let me know.


  10. Good evening Sir
    I just watched your video on how to install the RV lock, I just ordered today the RV lock V4 for my 2019 ToyHauler Keystone Raptor 421CK and I believe I will run into the same problem as you. So I guess I will need the Adapter plate. Can you please get back with me to point me to the right direction on how and where can I get the adapter plate?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Manny,
      Did you get your v4 latch yet? I would love to help you out with the adapters.

    1. Paul,
      I haven’t used the class c/a lock, but I think it would be just as good as the trailer version.

  11. So I bought the RV lock for my husband and because we have a full window not even the compact lock will fit. Are there any keyless locks for full window doors out there?

  12. Searched all over trying to find something that would work with the lock ( I bought the compact as well). I sent you an email this morning about the shims!

  13. Jason, checking on the cost for an exterior shim for the V4. I have a Cougar 5th wheel and have the same issue with the old latch hole being to big. Please let me know the cost and about how long it would take to get one. Thanks.

  14. We installed two of the V4 Keyless entry door locks from RV Lock about two months ago and followed that up with replacing all of the storage compartment locks and thumb latches. No more #751 universal keys/locks that just about anybody can open. Installation was straight forward with no issues. I can’t say enough about how well the locks work as well as the look of them on the RV.

    1. Glad you like them too. I still haven’t pulled the trigger on the baggage compartments, but it’s on my list.

  15. Hi Jason,

    Same issue here, except I didn’t buy the compact lock – didn’t really know the differences, but figured with my big fingers it would be easier to enter the code. Now regretting it, your’s looks nice and looks factory which is what I like. Not sure if that can still be achieved with the larger lock. Tried to picture it but think it would make it too big. Your thoughts / price and timeframe.


  16. Jason,
    I have a 2001 Kit Road Ranger with an FIC lock. I purchased an RVLock Keyless Compact Door Handle to fit my cut out. The problem is that the throat distance (from outside door skin to outside of latch) is about 5/8,” and the RVLock throat is about ½.” I cannot remedy the compression problem between the gasket and the door jam. Do you know of any other manufacture that has about a 5/8” throat dimension? Thanks, Cory

  17. I purchased an RV V4 keyless lock for my Thor RQ29. I am unable to use because it does not fit the entry door cutout. Wondering if I could adapt the lock to the door using the adapters you designed. What are the dimensions? If the fit what are the cost?

  18. Hi Jason, can you please send me some info on your adapters? My friends and I are about to install the locks and definitely might be in need of them.. Great work by the way



  19. We had the same issue with our lock. We are interested in getting information about the adapter plates you made.

  20. I have the same issue, just tried installing in my 2014 Puma travel trailer. I am wanting to install the RVLock regular version. I would be interested in your stainless shims…
    Please let me know I& you can send me a set?
    Thank you!

    1. Ron,

      Sorry for the delay. I just sent you an email with information on ordering a set.


  21. Jason,
    My daughter just purchased a 2020 Keystone Cougar that has a vertical door handle. She really needs a door lock with a key fob. I spoke with RVLock and they told me that their’s is not compatible for this type of handle. Do you know anything I can do, or any other locks with key fobs that would be compatible?
    Thank you so much!!

    1. Tammy,

      I think my adapter plates for RV Lock’s keyless latches would work with her Cougar. I just sent you an email with the information on ordering them.
      You could send me the dimensions of her existing latch to verify before ordering if you would like.


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