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2 Affordable RV Sheet Sets For Any Size Camper Mattress

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How in the world do you find the right size sheets for all these odd-shaped mattresses in your RV? I know they were trying to save space and all when they decided to put these beds in, but did they also think about how much fun it would be finding the right sheets? Well, I’ve got you covered (no pun intended) and created a size guide along with some suggestions to help you find what you need.

2 great options for your RV’s sheets are the Linenwala Cotton sheets and Shreem Linen Microfiber sheets.  They are both made in many RV specific sizes so you should have no problem finding the perfect set for your camper.

RV Mattresses

So, before you can pick out your sheets, you need to know what type of mattresses you have in your trailer or motorhome. The best thing to do here is get out that measuring tape and go get exact numbers. This will help you figure out what style the mattress is and will make it easier for searching online for your sheets. Make sure you get the width x length.

RV mattress sizes aren’t standardized like mattresses for homes, so the dimensions may vary between RVs even if they call it the same size.  If you look at the specs for your camper it probably says it has a Queen or King bed.  9 out of 10 times this is not a standard Queen or King size.

Here’s a quick reference guide of the different types of mattresses you might find in your RV and their measurements.

Name of Mattress Measurement
Twin 28 x 75 up to 40×80
Bunk Twin 28 x75 up to 35 x 75
¾ or “Antique” 48 x 75
Full Size (Double) 53 x 75
Regular Queen 60 x 80
Short Queen 60 x 75
Olympic Queen 66 x 80
RV King 72 x 75 up to 72 x 80
Eastern King 76 x 80
California King 72 x 84

* All measurements are in inches

Choosing Your Sheets

Once you’ve measured your mattresses and you’re ready to purchase, how do you decide what to buy?

You could head to your local big box store or home goods store, but you won’t find a sheet set that matches the dimension of your mattress.  I’ve done a little homework to help you quickly find a brand that sells a number of these special sizes.

Sizes Available  18 different sizes  19 different sizes
Material  100% Cotton (400 Thread Count)  100% Microfiber
Where to Buy Linenwala Cotton sheets on Amazon   Shreem Linen Microfiber sheets on Amazon

Let’s Compare these RV Bedsheet Options

Ok, so now let’s look at the similarities/differences between our two options.

Both Options Include:

  • Fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases
  • Breathable
  • 12” Deep Pockets (see Linenwala section below)
    • This is definitely a great feature because it means your sheets won’t slide off the corners when you’re tossing and turning
  • Can get in custom sizes if needed


  • Microfiber vs Cotton
  • Linenwala Cotton Sheets have more color options

RV Bed Sheet Sizes Available

Both brands are available in variety of sized to fit most RV mattresses.  Here is a listing of all the sizes you can choose from.

  Linenwala Cotton Shreem Linen Microfiber
California King (72 x 84) X  
Eastern King (76 x 80) X  
RV or Camper King (72 x 80) X X
RV King or Short King (72 x 75) X X
Camper King (70 x 80)   X
Olympic Queen (66 x 80) X  
RV or Camper Queen (60 x 80) X X
Short Queen (60 x 75) X X
Short Queen (60 x 74) X  
RV Full XL (58 x 80)   X
RV Queen (58 x 75)   X
RV Full (53 x 75) X  
Three Quarter (48 x 75) X X
RV Bunk (42 x 80) X X
RV Bunk (39 x 75)   X
RV Bunk (38 x 80)   X
RV Bunk (38 x 75)   X
RV Bunk (36 x 76)   X
RV Bunk (35 x 79) X X
RV Bunk (34 x 75) X X
RV Bunk (32 x 79)   X
RV Bunk (30 x 80) X X
RV Bunk (30 x 75) X X
RV Bunk (28 x 75) X X
Twin X  
Twin XL X  

Linenwala Cotton RV Sheets

The Linenwala sheets have a 400 thread count.  This is a good balance between quality and price.  Reviews on Amazon say that these aren’t super luxurious, but for the price they are as good or better than expected.

Many reviewers talk about how well these sheets fit on their RV mattresses.  They have a full elastic bottom that keeps them snug.

Shreem Linen Microfiber RV Sheets

These microfiber sheets are specifically designed to fit the size of your RV’s beds.  They have not been on the market long enough to have a collection of user reviews.  If you decide to go with these sheets, help out your fellow campers and leave a review on Amazon.

Cotton vs Microfiber Sheets

If you are still on the fence is some info that may help you decide between cotton or microfiber sheets.

Advantages of Cotton Sheets

Cotton fabric is woven from natural fibers.  It has been around for a long time and is the most common fabric for sheets.

  • More breathable
  • Better for sensitive skin
  • Cool, crisp feeling on hot summer nights

Advantages of Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber sheets are made from synthetic fibers, usually polyester.  To be considered microfiber the individual fibers that make up the fabric must be 20 times thinner than a human hair.

  • Wrinkle resistant
  • More durable (unless comparing to super expensive extra-long fiber cotton)
  • Warm, Soft feeling in winter

Wrap Up

As you can see both fabrics have their advantages.  The best option may be to get 2 sets of sheets for your camper, Linenwala Cotton sheets for the warmer season and Shreem Linen Microfiber sheets for those cool spring and fall nights.  Hopefully now you have all the information to make a more informed decision about the sheets you need. Of course, before any purchasing takes place, make sure you have measured the mattresses in your camper. From there, choose your type, color and the size you need and get to counting those sheep!

rv bed sheets that fit
rv bed sheets that fit

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  1. Stephen A. Haley

    So you don’t actually sell the 28″x 75″ on Amazon?
    Where would I get them and what would they cost for the two sets?
    Can I buy just the fitted sheets?

    Thanks, I went to amazon per your link and Twin was as small as was listed.

    1. Stephen,
      I don’t actually sell any of them. I only reviewed the sheets. You would have to reach out to the seller on Amazon.

  2. Unfortunately, Linenwala no longer sells sheets in the RV Short King (72×75) size… 😢

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